OCTOBER 2021 Readings For Each Sign


Don’t overthink it this month, as blessings will flow to you effortlessly. Let your intuition guide you on how to access the abundance you’re working towards. Guard against your impulses and simply observe what’s unfolding around you.


Stand in your truth, despite others trying to sway you away from doing so. Hold tight to your dignity and know that you protected through and through. Be intentional with WHAT you choose to vocalize and WHEN you choose to vocalize it.


It’s so easy to feel misunderstood, especially when your ruling planet is in retrograde. This month, give your time to those who love and know you best. These interactions remind you of just how cherished you are and help you reconnect with yourself.


Sometimes you don’t know any better and that’s okay :’) Luckily, you’re not too deep into something that it’s too late to redirect your steps. It’s best to face this situation head on. Your courage will put you in a winning position.


A wave of inspiration hits you out of nowhere, urging you to take action and/or pursue someone/something. It seems that you’ve found your missing piece. Passion alone is enough to fuel you this month!


This retrograde brings a lot of unclear messaging but it does you no good to sit and try to decipher it all. you’re blessed and will continue to be blessed, regardless. Don’t let the uncertainty of this transit disrupt your mental balance.


Offering forgiveness does not mean that you are “weak” or that the other person “won”. Things always come full circle. It’s just not your responsibility to see that they do. You must learn to wash your hands of a situation after forgiving and granting understanding.


Are things falling apart or are they falling together? You could be so disheartened by one thing not working out that you fail to see something new and extremely fulfilling coming in to take its place. It’s hard to let go but you may be blocking your own blessing…


Some solitude and time alone would actually do you some good. When was the last time you nurtured and allowed yourself to rest? As fiery as you are, it can be hard to slow down. It’s time to take a step back. Down the road, you’ll be so glad you did.


There are lots of decisions to make this month, Capricorn! Luckily, most of them are exciting decisions centered around what’s next for you. It’s okay to feel both eager and overwhelmed at the same time. Trust that you have all you need to reach your new horizons.


Some aquas could be beginning/excelling in a musical career, learning a new instrument and/or taking vocal lessons. You could also find yourself leaning more so on music than ever to get you through a transitional period. Let the sounds be your guide this month.


Vigilance is key. Move only based on your intuition, as outside messaging can really trip you up, especially during mercury retrograde. Financial improvement/assistance is on the way but only after you truly take inventory of what you already have to be grateful for.