April 2021 Readings For Each Sign


April is a month where things just sort of happen for you without you having to do much. Much of this has to do with the effort you’ve put in during the months leading up to now. Kick back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Also, expect to spend some time in the spotlight.


You may need to take a step back from a situation to gain a better perspective. Someone may be trying to get over on you and/or a situation may be more draining than you’re allowing yourself to accept. Do some thinking before taking any major actions.


Pay close attention to the signs being presented to you at this time. For many, these signs will come through conversations with others. The anxiety and seclusion you’ve been experiencing can end if you follow the guidance being offered now.


Recent approaches to getting grounded might have been short-lived or didn’t help combat inner/outer conflict from emotional let-downs from others. This month requires you to create your own peace as well as your own center to return to when you’re feeling unsettled.


Be bold and stand in your truth despite fear of disapproval from others. It will all be worth it and midway through the month you will see why. Major success and recognition for past efforts are on the horizon.


A transitional month. Be mindful of your thoughts and ensure that they’re not too scattered. A key friend or loved one could become more significant this month and help you get more grounded. The “better days” you seek are all dependent upon your mindset.


Recently leaving a situation behind has gifted you with an overwhelming sense of peace. You deserve balance, Libra. And you don’t have to fight for it. Things are really turning around for you and it sure feels good. Take this time to rest as needed.


Take a step back and observe what’s really going on. Don’t take any action. Just observe. People will show you exactly how they feel about you this month. What you’re seeking will soon come charging towards you.


You’re fully equipped for the battle you’re facing now. The foundations you previously had in place may no longer be there but that is okay. Maybe it’s time to start fresh…


This is a great time to make major progress through visualization and affirmations. Get set on your goals as things will start to accelerate through this month. The work has already been done now it’s time to start believing in yourself a little more.


If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, it may be time to take a completely different approach. It’s time to embark on something new, as you may be holding yourself back more than you realize…


This is a time of good fortune that you should enjoy to the fullest. Seems like you’re finally on solid ground and the good news is… the best is yet to come.