July 2021 Readings For Each Sign


If it’s not broken then don’t try to fix it. A decrease in activity may cause you to feel like you’re stagnant but that’s simply not the case. Enjoy this slower period, as there is a lot you can sort out mentally during this time.


If you’re feeling lost this month, spend some time with like-minded individuals. They may have some helpful advice or even just offer you new perspective. They may also help through the struggle of making a major decision towards the end of the month.


The bright idea you have might not appear so bright to those around you. Move forward anyways. All though the pay off might not be immediate, you will soon be rewarded for your efforts and dedication to your authenticity.


The top of the month starts off an a high note. Expect lots of appreciation and uplifting from those closest to you. But when things start to wind down, you may find yourself longing for that same attention. You’re still very loved. The second half of the month just requires a lot less social activity to allow you time to regroup.


A form of opposition that may have blocked creative pursuits before is no longer there. So there’s really no reason to hold back now, Leo. Let your imagination run wild and fully indulge yourself in artistic expression. Leo season arrives at the end of the month and it’s going to be a magical time.


Don’t be surprised if your phone seems to be ringing off the hook these days, Virgo. There will be celebrations, link ups and so many other social invitations. Although you may have some financial concerns, remember that you can still have fun on a budget. Will you answer the calls and allow yourself to have a little fun?


You may be feel pressured to make a decision in which neither option seems in alignment with what you truly want to do. Keep in mind that nothing spectacular usually happens within a person’s comfort zone. Try putting yourself out there in a different way this month, Libra. Also, be open minded and not so attached to a particular outcome.


You’re standing strong in your truth this month and whoever doesn’t like it, can take it or leave it. No more letting flaky individuals dictate your happiness and leave you sitting in uncertainty. You’re letting your light shine, absolutely attracting more higher frequency people and situations into your life this month, Scorpio.


You’ve got to get grounded, Sag. With everything going on in your world right now, that’s easier said than done but it is possible. Work to understand and honor your emotions this month, instead of suppressing them. Emotional balance will spread balance throughout the rest of your life.


If something’s not working for you this month, Capricorn, don’t be afraid to speak on it and/or move on accordingly. You’re more aware of what’s throwing you off in regards to some of the foundations you’ve built over the years such as relationships and routines. Knowing your worth prevents you from staying stuck in a situation that’s not serving you, especially when you know true fulfillment is just a strategic move away.


You seem to have more appeal this month in terms of personality and the warmness you’re giving off to others. It is likely that others might find your sense of humor more charming and enjoy your easy-going nature more so than usual. This is a great month to get out and network, as you are able to naturally disarm and soften a lot of people.


The dissolving of a key relationship may have you feeling a bit lost. Luckily, you still have everything you need to propel yourself forward without this partnership. Let your intuition guide the way. Whatever you feel you lost as a result of this fallout can be made up for by truly trusting yourself.