NBA YoungBoy’s Natal Chart


Kentrell “NBA YoungBoy” Gaulden was born Oct. 20, 1999 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Libra Sun

With his great influence and magnetism, YoungBoy is a Libra through and through. Despite his sometimes questionable behavior, his Libra energy makes it hard for the masses to not still be drawn into him and take pleasure in his presence.

Pisces Moon

Like Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar, this moon placement makes Youngboy naturally artistic and imaginative. This aIso brings a sense of mystery to his persona, which explains why we can never really figure him out… In fact, YoungBoy may also struggle with understanding his own emotions. This placement also means Youngboy will do almost anything for those that he loves.

Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury rules words and communication. Scorpio here depicts someone who says very little and never speaks more than they feel they need to. This placement also allows Youngboy to share passionate stories of the pain and trauma he’s endured in his life and how it helped transform him into the person he is today. 

Venus in Virgo

Despite all of his sister wives, Youngboy actually has the capacity for commitment. In fact, virgo here actually prefers commitment and consistent partnership. One thing I will say is that all of his sister wives are exceptionally gorgeous and “well-kept”, which could have everything to do with how critical venus-virgos can be with their partners. Virgo placements also enjoy serving others so it’s no surprise that the ladies are well-taken care of.

Mars in Capricorn

Can you recall an executed plan or disagreement that didn’t result in Youngboy on top? Me either. Capricorn here depicts someone who doesn’t have to put forth much effort to achieve their desired outcome.

Youngboy is the epitome of working smarter, not harder. He also carries an heir of authority that makes very few want to oppose him, even in the slightest.


Jupiter in Taurus 

Youngboy attracts luck and abundance when he stays dedicated to long-term projects, even when rewards aren’t presented right away. With this placement at 0 degrees, this energy is potent, meaning his rewards are massive once they finally do arrive.

Saturn in Taurus

Saturn in Libras may face restrictions when it comes to dedication to said long-term projects. There could be many obstacles that have to be over-come before receiving well-deserved rewards.

 Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius

Youngboy’s sound and persona is next-level and futuristic. Aquarian energy here also indicates someone who is authentic and trend-setting.

Pluto in Sagittarius Generation  

*Constantly seeking freedom from power structures

*Reinvents themselves based upon the knowledge they obtain

*Drawn to long-distance travel and other cultures

*Rebellious Sagittarius energy fuels Plutos desire for great change and freedom

*Deeply passionate about honesty from others

*Believes in truth, exploration and freedom of thought


Lilith in Sagittarius

Youngboy may sometimes act impulsively without considering the consequences. At his worst, he could become violent and forceful.

North Node in Leo

Our North Nodes reveal what we came here to achieve during this lifetime. Leo here is strongly indicative of fame and living and loving boldly. Looks like Youngboy is already on the path to fulfilling his North Node mission.

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