Nia Berry: Sweet As Honey

“Painting has opened up a new pathway of talent that I never knew I had the ability to do,” Artist Nia Berry explained.

“It has become an additional outlet where I am able to therapeutically share my imagination with the world. It opened a talent that I had no idea I had the ability to do. Once I knew I could paint, I started to think of a lot of ideas I could bring to fruition.”

Also known as ‘Honey Bee’, Nia is visual artist from Southeast Washington, D.C., which she describes as unique, cultured and small. She realized her true painting skill while working her “paint and sip” job as a manager.

“Working in the studio at the time was extremely fun because I would blast the music, maybe have one specific song on repeat and I would just ZONE OUT,” Nia said laughingly.

Nia likes to create around feminine ideas and black culture. She also likes to focus on anime, which she said brings out her childlike imagination. Nia is inspired by being out and about amongst certain sceneries, such as museums, and likes to scroll through social media for new ideas from other artists’ work. She told me Pinterest always provides her with something intriguing to draw or paint.

“It’s best for me to save an image on my phone or write it out in my notebook for later reference,” Nia said, “My mind goes a million times per minute so I can easily forget when I’m multitasking. Sometimes even brainstorming with another person could trigger random inspiration.”

Nia is a Virgo, who, like many, struggle with anxiety and overanalyzing. Although painting has become an outlet for her to not only express herself but also relieve stress, she does struggle with just letting her artistic process flow.

“My mind can get in the way of my art if I allow it, which is honestly why I’ve felt discouraged to finish some projects or just haven’t started anything new,” Nia said, “I feel as though perfectionism plays a part in my art work. Every painting has to look a certain way for me to feel like it’s finished or it’s ready to see the world. Instead of having fun and enjoying the process, I always find myself planning out how I want my painting to look rather than going with the flow.”

Nia is pushing herself to “let go and let God” when it comes to her art.

“I’m now challenging myself to let go and learn to just paint without being in my head,” Nia said,” Sometimes I just force myself to jump in!”

Creative Process

Nia is into experimenting on different mediums, including body painting.

“It’s weird because I would rather people watch me paint a body than a canvas,” Nia said.

She also tells me that the concept of sketching has been a major game changer for her.

“Once I learned the trick that some artists draw their work out beforehand it made complete sense to me,” Nia said, “It was almost like a code I cracked. I thought people painted free-hand without a sketch but once I started to draw out my sketch on the canvas, then colored it in with paint, it was fair game for me.”

In terms of crafting her creative space, Nia is very particular about her vibe.

“Once I start my painting strokes, I tend to zone out and block everything out,” Nia said, “The canvas typically becomes my only focus so I can stay within the lines. I also prefer to be by myself without people watching me, as it sometimes make me uncomfortable or it becomes distracting. Only people I prefer in my creative space are other creatives who have their own projects to work on. I prefer to work in an art studio or in my uncluttered bedroom.

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