Quavo’s Natal Chart 

Quavious “Quavo” Marshall was born April 2, 1991 in Lawrenceville, Georgia.



              Quavo is immensely creative and hard-working. These fire signs have magnetic personalities and easily light up any room. People belonging to this sign are usually highly successful due to the amount of effort they’re willing to apply throughout their lives. That is, if egotism and bragging don’t get in their way…


Scorpio Moon

           Quavo’s moon is in Scorpio, making him both nurturing and sensitive. When emotionally wounded, Scorpio moons will choose solitude over confrontation in order to process their hurt.  Quavo may also project unresolved issues with his mother onto those of the opposite sex with this moon placement.


Mercury in Aries

Though he may be charismatic , the rapper may do a lot more talking than actually listening to others. He learns through impulsive travel and adventure, making every experience an educational one. It is likely the rapper is incredibly philosophical.




Venus in Taurus

       Although Quavo lives a fast-paced life surrounded by many beautiful women, he is certainly the type to settle down. While this Venus placement can quickly fall for someone based off looks, dependability is what keeps them around. The sign of Taurus is all about sensuality so it is important their partner appeals to all of their senses. Quavo longs for someone to love them unconditionally, while also giving him space to explore the world.


Mars in Gemini

  It’s safe to say Quavo has a way with words. The rapper is talkative and loves to be questioned about himself and his knowledge. The hard part is keeping his attention. Mars here depicts someone who is easily bored conversing about anything other than themselves. Quavo’s sweet words can also quickly turn into sharp daggers when angered.

Jupiter in Leo

 Quavo prospers when he can be creative and soak up the limelight. He enjoys showing off his status and wealth(if you couldn’t tell already!) and loves being the complete center of attention. This Jupiter placement may sometimes exaggerate out of desperation for social approval.


Saturn in Aquarius

           Focused and innovative, Quavo wants to have an impact on society overall. It is important that he become open to others’ ideas. Quavo may have trouble working in groups due to a superiority complex others immediately pick up on.


Capricorn in Uranus and Neptune

Quavo is open to any challenge. It is likely he dreamt of ways to attain wealth and power long before fame and even now. The rapper is both intellectual and ambitious. This placements depicts on who constantly strives for independence and security.



Pluto in Scorpio Generation  

*Pluto’s natural placement

*Content with death and rapid change

*Loves to reinvent himself and evolve with time and experience




Lilith in Sagittarius

              Quavo seeks glory in every area of his life. The rapper will go to great lengths to ensure all eyes are on them. He hates being told what he doesn’t want to hear and enjoys the life of a rockstar no matter how reckless.

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(photo source: Tumblr.com)