Saucy Santana’s Natal Chart



Saucy Santana was born Oct. 8, 1993 in Tallahassee, Florida.

Libra Sun

Saucy’s elegance and magnetism makes him impossible to ignore. His Libra energy draws the masses into him and causes us to marvel at his presence.

Cancer Moon

Saucy is highly imaginative, tenacious and sensitive. His soft persona makes him popular with women and the public.

In love, Saucy is fiercely protective and devoted. It is likely that he will put his love interest before any one else.

Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury rules words and communication. Scorpio here depicts someone who says very little and never speaks more than they feel they need to. This placement also allows Saucy to share passionate stories of the pain and trauma he’s endured in his life and how it helped transform him into the person he is today. 

Venus in Virgo

Saucy prefers commitment and consistent partnership. Venus-virgos can be very critical of their partners so it imperative that they stay up-to-par with his standards.

Virgo placements also enjoy serving others so it’s likely that his love interests are well-taken care of.


Mars in Scorpio

Saucy expressed his aggression and sexuality in a seductive and calculated way. Scorpio here also allows him to intuitively know when it’s best to strike or release new music and/or visuals.

This placement also brings great sex appeal and an understanding of how to properly use this scorpionic magnetism to his benefit.



Jupiter in Libra

Saucy attracts luck and abundance when he is true to his aesthetic and also through collaboration. This Jupiter placement is also highly indicative of fame and benefitting through influential connections. A great example of this is his relationship with the City Girls, who blew up just before he did.

Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn in Aquarians may face restrictions when it comes to turning the concepts in their heads into something tangible. People with this placement have to realize that while time is on our side, it can also work against us if we procrastinate and procrastinate. 

 Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn

Saucy is open to any challenge. It is likely he dreamt of ways to attain wealth and power long before fame and even now. The rapper is both intellectual and ambitious. This placements depicts on who constantly strives for independence and security.



Pluto in Scorpio Generation  

*Pluto’s natural placement

*Content with death and rapid change

*Loves to reinvent himself and evolve with time and experience.

Lilith in Aries

Saucy may sometimes be combative and too concerned with only himself. At his worst, he could become argumentative and impulsive, not thinking of how his actions affect others.


North Node in Sagittarius

Our North Nodes reveal what we came here to achieve during this lifetime. Someone with Sagittarius here is destined to shake up the way we think and express ourselves. By showing us that sexuality is truly a spectrum and that gender roles are irrelevant, Saucy is already on the path to fulfilling his North Node mission.


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