Shelem: Summer In The Winter

Shelem served up peace and positivity with his latest mixtape titled ‘8-Track’ and I’m loving it.

Shelem dedicated an entire tape to bringing happy, summery vibes to everyone, even in the heart of winter.

My favorite Taurus even went as far as to suffer out in the cold wearing only a tank-top to create some of the visuals for this project. Now that’s what I like to see.

thumbnail_8-track-final-coverShelem said he got the inspiration for a “chill-hype” vibe after listening to a song by The Whispers.

“It’s not all the way crankin’,” Shelem said,”but it’s still bumpy. It’s got bounce.”
8-Track also includes live instrumentation from the artist Mike Grave$ which I think is absolutely bomb.

Since his last project released, Shelem said he became more cryptic in order to allow people to give real thought to his lyrics.

While Shelem has certainly grown as an artist, he’s still true to his positive outlook on life. Our entire freshman year of college, Shelem and our good friend Adam would always say to me and everyone else,”Life is good.” At the time, I heard them but I wasn’t really listening.

Since then, I’ve grown to understand the real truth in their words. Life is good.
Shelem said he still stands by his phrase.

“The feeling and the meaning of it is the same,”Shelem said,”Life is still good. It’s even better!”

Shelem wants listeners to feel happy, positive, and sunny when they listen through the tape.

“Summertime is a care-free time,”Shelem said,”You just feel a sort of bliss on a warm day when you don’t have anything to do. That’s what the music feels like.”

Find out more about this vibrant soul on his website at Also, go ahead and get a dose of happiness by downloading 8-Track at