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Weekly Euphoricc Tarotscope

February 23, 2021 – March 2, 2021


Animal Spirit Message

“Mountain Goat”

“There’s something out of balance in your life so do whatever you need to do to correct it.”

Four of Pentacles (Reversed)

Mercury is officially DIRECT and clarity is finding us again. We are letting our guard down and not feeling as tense. There could also be less strain on finances this week.

Six of Pentacles (Reversed)

We have received new insight on the people, places and things in our lives and it’s all about what happens next. Mercury retrograde certainly could have revealed that we have been investing our energy into the wrong sources. It’s time to act on what you’ve learned and no longer pour into people and situations that don’t pour back into you. You’ve been shown everything you needed to see.

Page Of Cups (Reversed)

While you may have decided to pull back from someone/something, it is likely that you will continue hearing from/about them this week. The truth is the only thing that will set you free. It’s time to be honest about why you won’t be moving forward with this person/situation. Just leaving this situation hanging in the balance will bring you more aggravation in the long run. This card is giving off heavy unrequited love vibes so be careful in how you communicate this.

Much love and many blessings,

Kabrea A. James (@EuphoriccDreams)


is that the sun i see?

smiling down on you and me,

shining down for us to see?

to be.



green grass, roses, the sea.


it starts from a seed,

from me.

it’s true. i believe.

that is the sun i see.