The Masquerade Is Over

I and so many others have been deluded in our thinking that true fulfillment lives in capitalist pursuits and “achievements”. We are each living through our own unique experiences, which produces unique forms of fear, conditioning and limitations. This also produces a unique means of empowerment and inspiration.

So much of the “happiness” we’re told to chase holds no true value. The pleasure derived from THINGS is typically fleeting and leaves us longing for more, longing for the next thing to chase. For me personally, the pressures to pursue capital never come from within and are always ignited by some external source, whether that be the media, my peers or others who are relentlessly chasing a manufactured concept of “security”.

We should look only to ourselves for validation. When we embrace our truth, the path before us turns to gold. I will let my spiritual practice lead me, even if I have to walk alone for some time. I will remain focused on true liberation.

I look to connect with others who live in a perpetual state of gratitude and see the divinity that lives in the small things, which are what truly hold the most value. Descending opinions about my pursuit of liberation have no place in my life. I am pursuing peace and nothing else and I am free. To be liberated in this way is a true blessing.

In my new life, I will ensure that each action nurtures my appreciation for nature, artistic expression, spiritual enlightenment and human connection. Meditation and loving dialogue between myself and others is also key. I do good because it feels good. Smiles and laughter are contagious and make us all feel warm inside and out. There is no scarcity of love and support. That was a lie, too.

I’m here to live, learn and explore. I will not let those imprisoned by societal conditioning keep me enslaved with them. I will live and create freely and carve a path for those that come after me to do the same. Immersing myself in nature, connection, expression and enlightenment provides happiness to me and my descendants for generations to come. They will inherently know true happiness. They will never chase it.