The Aquarian Process: Q & A With Mike Grave$


K: What visuals/colors do you feel connect with your sound?

M: Magenta definitely. Also black and blue. Sometimes red and gold. I think what those colors symbolize can sum up my music.

K: Do you remember the first song you ever made? What was it about?

M: The first song I wrote was called Unattainable. It was about exactly what it sounded like. I was a sad kid back then. And there was this lingering aura of hopelessness surrounding all my thoughts. So that song is what it turned into. It was definitely cathartic though, since I wasn’t talking to anyone about what was happening in my head.

K: What inspired you to start making music?

M: I’d say I always had an appreciation for music, even if I didn’t understand it at the time. I used to turn on the GameBoy and put it to my ear just to listen to the background music as a kid.

But I think I really started understanding how much I loved it when I was 12 and got into Linkin Park. I’d heard their songs before but I guess part of my psyche wasn’t really activated until then or something. It was like I stepped into a whole new world. And it was around the time Lil Wayne was getting massive. It was just a great time and from there I just started eating up everything,  listening to all kinds of music, from all different places in a variety of mediums.

So I had all this intuitive knowledge about it but the thought to actually create it never crossed my mind until I saw School Of Rock. The end where the kid is on stage just going off on the guitar really kicked my ass. I was like, “Damn. I can definitely do that too.”

And now here I am.

K: Tell me a little bit about your sound.

M: I’d say that my sound is just me. Like my goal was to be able to make any kind of music and it still sound like me. But I think that my “sound” is just the idea that I can find beauty in darkness. Like I can make a country song and only yodel but it would still feel like me, just because I’m so in love with the idea of finding beauty in darkness. And that idea bleeds out into the production and the lyrics, structure. Every artistic decision that I make comes from that idea.

K: What’s your zodiac sign and do you feel that energy plays into your music in any way? If so, how?

M: My sign is Aquarius and I definitely think that has a part in this. From my understanding, we’re supposed to be analytical and eccentric at the same time. That’s what I’d call myself, too. I think it helped me focus on the things that would make me a great artist while still making me more interested in trying new things and experimenting.

K: What is your favorite song of your own right now and why?

M: Definitely two that haven’t come out yet. ‘Rolling Thunder’ and ‘Revenant’. Best songs I’ve made thus far. I’ve put snippets out but I’m definitely planning those two more. It’s gonna be lit.


K: Tell me a little bit about your creative process?

M: It kinda depends on what’s going on but usually I’ll start with a beat and then write to it. I write all my rapping out. I can’t really freestyle yet but if there are singing parts, I can freestyle the melody and let the words come naturally after.

As far as producing goes, I start with the drums first now since melodies come easy for me. Then just layer and arrange.

K: How do you want people to feel when they hear your music?

M: I want people to feel whatever I felt when writing it mostly. But also there’s other little things. Like recently, a lot of my music sounds very sensual in a way. I know people are picking up on it. No matter what the feeling is, whether it’s hope, mourning, despair or love, I want it to feel sexy I guess.

K: Describe your artist persona.

M: I don’t really know. I know there’s a performative element in any entertainment but I can’t really tell you my persona. I am who I am.

K: What do you feel you add to the current era of music?

M: I feel like this ties back into the zodiac question a little. I think my nature is rare as far as the music industry goes. You can think of a handful of people that are so studious in their craft, yet so willing to break barriers. I think that’s something that I can add. A new way of looking at things. A new way of doing things.

K: What projects do you already have out? What’s next?

M: Just songs for the moment but no full project. I wanna do more but it seems like I have to wait for things to fall into place. For right now in just gonna put out more songs and videos

K: What messages do you hope to convey through your music?

M: Honestly, I want to give people hope. My early songs were distinct in the sense that there was a strong sense of despair. Like complete despair. At one point, I couldn’t even listen to them. They were terrifying.

But I’d say as dark as my music is now, I always wanna show that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s not all the way there yet. I’m way more used to negativity than the idea that it gets better. But I’m getting there.

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