Braylynn Eneje: THE Lady Leo

“If you don’t feel it, what’s the point?”

-Braylynn Eneje

“Painting showed me what I can do,” abstract artist Braylynn Eneje said.

Like myself, Braylynn is a visual artist from Beckley, West Virginia, which she describes as peaceful, slow and homey. She now lives in a vibrant and bustling Baltimore, Maryland.

Inspired by emotions, Braylynn tells me she is a proud Leo who enjoys expressing her feelings through art.

“Leos are spontaneous, creative, passionate and let’s not forget dramatic!” Braylynn said.

In astrology, Leo rules the 5th house, which represents our creative endeavors, artistic abilities, and forms of self-expression. Most Leos are known for being a little…”over-the top” but that’s why we love them. I mean… what else do you expect from a sign that is ruled by the Sun?

“It’s like my creative flow is doubled,” she said.

For now, Miss Braylynn is focusing on her transition to her new city and “creating around the idea of creation itself.”

“I can see myself becoming better,” she said.