Dandelion: Spring Time Wellness

It’s safe to say Spring has officially SPRUNG when bright, yellow dandelion flowers start blanketing lawns everywhere. Also known as Taraxacum officianale or “Lion’s Tooth”, dandelion flourishes year-round regardless of frost or soil conditions.

Dandelions are native to Eurasia but now grow all throughout the Norther Hemisphere. According to the University of Wisconsin Horticulture, the dandelion root holds the most protein and is best harvested June-August, when the plant is most bitter. Dandelion root gathered in the spring is less bitter and may be added to salads or served as a vegetable.

The dandelion is also known for its globe-shaped seed-head, which everyone has wished on a time or two.





-Rebirth after harsh conditions




-Youthful joy

-Wish Fulfillment



-Long-lasting happiness


Dandelions provide a range of health benefits. This plant is a natural laxative and diuretic, which helps with digestive health as well as kidney and liver function. Dandelion also aids against colon and liver cancer, stomach aches, varicose veins and inflammation throughout the body. Dandelion can also help lower blood pressure and cholesterol, which reduces risks associated with heart disease.

And the benefits of dandelion don’t stop there. Dandelions are also high in antioxidants, which aid free radicals in the body during processes like aging and managing developing disease. Dandelion also strengthens your immune system and is great for detox. The kidney support provided by dandelion boosts blood flow throughout the entire body, as well. Dandelion is also great for weight loss due to water retention aid.

Did I mention that Dandelion is jam-packed with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, fiber, calcium, potassium and protein? Whether you’re sipping a warm cup of dandelion tea or snacking on some sautéed dandelion greens, you’re certainly doing yourself some good.

Happy Spring, flower gang!!

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