Peace is…

Peace is watching the sun set under sherbet-colored skies, knowing he will be back tomorrow. Peace is greeting the moon with feather-lite thoughts, eager for slumber and the promise of sweet, sweet dreams.

Peace is losing yourself in nature, with complete disregard time. Peace is the warm breeze you feel and hear whipping through the greenest of greenery. Peace is the serene flowing of the river, as you make your way to a shady spot. Peace is the feel of soil under bare feet. Peace is knowing you can escape here anytime.

Peace is saying “I love you” and them saying “I love you more”. Peace is knowing they mean it. Peace is accepting the two of you were made for each other. Peace is merging with another, without force. Peace is pulling them closer and falling deeper everyday. Peace is knowing they will never let you go.

Peace is finally saying “it” after holding back for so long. Peace is the words flowing freely from your lips, with no attachment to outcome, only intention. Peace is looking into their eyes, watching your words truly sink in. Peace is realizing the power of your words in real time. Peace is the relief from finally getting “it” out of your head and off of your heart.

Peace is finding yourself again after all the confusion. Peace is realizing that despite being lost, you were there all along. Peace is knowing you can start over whenever you want to. Peace is telling yourself “it’s going to be okay” and believing it. Peace is enjoying the silence, letting your thoughts come and go.

Peace is leaving the darkness, appreciating the time spent there. Peace is knowing it was necessary, as the sun shines on you again. Peace is understanding that life goes on and deciding to go on with it. Peace is deciding not to lose any more sleep over what you can’t control. Peace is letting go.