What I’m Chasing

I’m chasing a brave, brown-skinned dreamer that I can melt into. A reflection of me. Someone who chases freedom and believes in magic. Someone warm when life is cold. A relief. A reason to keep going. A reason not to stop. A devoted lover who’s passionate about me, we. A King with a voice that will rise up in my name. His presence, undeniable. Someone who chases me, someone I don’t have to run away from.

I’m chasing peace, even when all hope is lost. But I am peace so I end up chasing me.

I’m chasing revolution and the tools to innovate, a chance to move forward in a different way. A light everybody can’t see, at least not today. I feel the build-up, the unrest. I’m chasing the promise of change and the follow through.

I’m chasing freedom of thought and expression, the freedom to create. Words that flow, a chance to grow. Colors that tell a story and visuals that tell the truth. Sounds that heal and daydreams that come to life. Creation that is pure.

I’m chasing a beautiful life, shiny and new. The chance to spread love, uncover the truth. To inspire others and see them through.

But what I’m chasing is chasing me so to stroll is fine. No need to chase when what I desire is already mine.