Tarot Scope: The Chariot

The Chariot is the 12th Major Arcana in most tarot decks and typically predicts ascension, travel, victory, speed and forward movement.

Associated with the number ’12’, this card speaks of expansion, new beginnings that benefit more than just you and finally experiencing a breakthrough after being stuck at a crossroads.

The Charioteer is emerging from his transformation, ready to charge on confidently. He is motivated by compassion, love and the desire to connect more deeply with someone/something. He rides quickly, effectively propelling himself forward.


The crown signifies masculinity and themes related to taking action and facing obstacles head on. The headdress featured on this card also symbolizes enlightenment and moving differently after seeing things differently. Spiritual, mental, emotional and material wealth are depicted here, as well as complete sovereignty over one’s life.


The Charioteer’s grip on the reigns of the chariot indicates the focus and skillset needed to prevent one’s self from veering off track. Your hands might also be tied during this period, but diligence brings favorable results. The reigns also depict having a complete say so over the direction your life is going in.


Similar to The Wheel of Fortune tarot card, Sphinxes are native to ancient Egyptian culture and symbolize strength, authority, guardianship and protection. Their appearance here also speaks to letting higher powers guide us as we journey onward. The contrast of the black and white sphinxes denotes tension between opposites and being able to navigate your path despite it.

Some tarot decks feature horses instead of sphinxes, which allude to determination, endurance and freedom.


The city visible in the back drop of this card stands for everything the charioteer is leaving behind in the process of moving forward. He has a new understanding of past events and is ready to fixate solely on what lies ahead.


The Chariot symbolizes the qualities we must master in order to ascend and truly power forward. We have a fresh appreciation for the past but we ultimately know that it’s time to move on to bigger and better.