Makin’ It Through: Weekdays ruled by the planets

Ever notice that you feel kind of sluggish on Mondays or more social on Fridays? I promise you’re not crazy. We feel this way because each day of the week is ruled by a different planet, which means the overall energy throughout the week is constantly shifting. Let’s take a look at the effects the days of the week have on us astrologically…


Monday is ruled by the Moon, which relates to our sensitivity and mood changes. Typically the first day of our work or school weeks, Monday sets the emotional tone for the week ahead. We’re more in touch with our emotions on this day, which explains why most people feel kind of down. Projects beginning on Monday may take a different turn later in the week. This is the best day to focus on domestic activities like cooking, cleaning or just chillin’ around the house.

(Connected to the sign of Cancer)


Relating to initiation and fire energy, Tuesday is ruled by Mars. This is great day to get started on things that we maybe couldn’t get to on Monday. Tuesday is all about setting your sights on your passions and going for it. Keep in mind: Mars isn’t the best communicator so this probably isn’t the best day to have any heart-to-heart conversations.

(Connected to the signs of Aries and Scorpio)


On Wednesday, we return to more balanced thinking. Ruled by Mercury,  the planet of communication and analytical thought, Wednesday is perfect for making tough decisions and brainstorming with others.

(Connected to the signs of Gemini and Virgo)


Abundance and expansion are the themes of Thursday, which is ruled by Jupiter. By this point in the week, we are feeling more grateful and optimistic. This is a good day to travel or plan ahead for weekend travel. We’re able to clear up lingering energy from earlier in the week and most projects started on this day will be prosperous.

(Connected to the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces)


Friday is ruled by the planet Venus, making it the perfect day for anything connected to the heart. Thinking of changing your appearance? Switch it up. Got a creative project you’ve been wanting to start? Go for it. Want to splurge a little bit? Hey, why not? Friday is great for socializing and throwing parties. And don’t forget date night!

(Connected to the signs of Libra and Taurus)


Saturday is ruled by none other than Saturn, the planet of commitment and responsibility. This is the best day for tending to issues in our personal life and tackling bigger projects. Use Saturday to knock out that house and/or school work! The planet of karma will reward you at some point down the road.

(Connected to the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius)


As if the name wasn’t a dead give-away, Sunday is ruled by The Sun. Emotions are soft and easy-flowing. This day is all about self-reflection and replenishing the soul. Anything we begin today is likely to succeed. Use Sunday to get grounded for the week ahead.

(Connected to the sign of Leo)