Meg Thee Stallion’s Natal Chart



Megan “Meg Thee Stallion” Pete was born Feb. 15, 1995 in Houston, Texas.

Aquarius Sun

Meg’s Aqua energy makes her super personable, authentic and intelligent. Aquarius also rules electricity and the internet, which gives her full command over all things social media, which is no surprise considering how her virality sky-rocketed her into stardom.

Leo Moon

Having a Leo Moon means Meg naturally attracts and yearns for more attention than most. She is most “at home” in the spotlight. In fact, people with this placement may have even been groomed for fame or urged to try to utilize their looks to excel in life.

This placement can also depict someone who is very dramatic and animated when it comes to expressing their emotions.

Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury rules words and communication. Aquarius here gifts the native with unique way of delivering words. Meg may also be very chatty and have a lot to say at any given moment about any given thing.

Venus in Capricorn

There are lots of rules and limitations that accompany someone with this placement. and either you abide by them or you get left in the dust. Meg may dictate how much time her suitors can spend with her and at what pace the relationship moves at. Nothing can veer her off of her path to success, not even the most whimsical love affair.

Her partners don’t have to be as well off as she is but they do have to be goal-minded. Love relationships have to make sense and CENTS. It’s also highly likely that she plays the more dominant role in her unions.

Mars in Leo

Meg showcases her aggression and sexuality in a very performative, fiery and  entertaining way. Sis literally created a whole movement titled ‘Hot Girl Summer’. It doesn’t get any hotter than that. 

Whether it be through her dancing or rapping, Meg never fails to keep our eyes glued to her. She was born to be on stage.



Jupiter in Sagittarius

Meg attracts luck and abundance when she expresses herself in a carefree and courageous way. She also attracts good favor through being generous to others without expecting anything in return. This is an outrageously auspicious placement, often putting natives at the right place at the right time, blessing them with lucky breaks and also gifting them with resources seemingly out of nowhere. 

Saturn in Pisces

Saturn in Pisces may face restrictions when it comes to finding their creative direction and getting their ideas sorted enough to initiate something tangible. Flashes of insight may come to her out of nowhere but she may not always know what to do with this inspiration right away. 

Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn

Meg is open to any challenge. It is likely she dreamt of ways to attain wealth and power long before fame and even now. The rapper is both intellectual and ambitious. This placements depicts on who constantly strives for independence and security.



Pluto in Scorpio Generation  

*Pluto’s natural placement

*Content with death and rapid change

*Loves to reinvent herself and evolve with time and experience.

Lilith in Gemini

This placement makes Meg easily susceptible to slander. At her worst, she could live scandalously and begin to epitomize the negative narratives being created about her.


North Node in Scorpio

Our North Nodes reveal what we came here to achieve during this lifetime. Scorpio here is strongly indicative of intimacy and digging beneath the surface of all things. Meg’s soul mission may involve getting people to evoke and seek out more depth in themselves and others.


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