“Coffee On The Stove”

There you are

just as I remember

I should feel your skin

yet I am too taken by the thought.

You are here

yet this is not real, not until we touch.

Our first kiss

in our new cycle.

Fresh and refreshing.


The thought of you.

Breathe me

and make it last forever.

Breathe me.

I am yours.

Work is work. I do my best then go on my way. Sometimes home, sometimes I take to the city. Searching.

Today I am searching when out of nowhere, my world stops.

Is that…him? There’s no way that’s him.


“Hi- Oh wow. Hey… It’s… you,” He spoke, his words like a million tiny feathers, so soft.

I’m blushing.

“Hey,” I said shyly, glancing down at my pink-painted toes in my open sandals.

It’s really him. Breathe out.

“You look… beautiful. Just as beautiful as I remember,” He said.

Breathe. Smile. Look down. Smile.

Look up.

“Thank you,” I said. Look down. Smile.

Breathe out.

“Thailand, Hey girl,” My best friend waved from our favorite spot at our local coffee shop, “I’m over here.”

“I’ll catch you another time, I guess,” He said smiling, looking right into my deep, brown eyes.

“Another time,” I said, breaking the intense eye contact and making my way over to my friend.

“I’m still blushing and can feel him still watching me as I breeze past him, a hint of vanilla and coconut enticing him and lingering with me as I go.

I have a seat, look up and he’s gone.

“Who was that?” My best friend asks as she nonchalantly scrolls through Instagram and twirls the straw of her coffee through her long acrylics.

“Girl, nobody,” I replied, still blushing shyly.

“Girl anyways,” She said, still scrolling, “How long do you have to chill? You would not BELIEVE what this man said to me yesterday. GIRL! He really had the NERVE to…”

I wonder where he went. I wonder where he came from. I missed his smile, miss him.

“Girl, are you listening!?” She exclaimed.

I nodded then took a sip of my own sweet coffee.

He used to make me coffee on his stove, as the sun rose. He kept colorful art all throughout his cramped, yet cozy apartment. The feeling he gave me was art in itself and kept me inspired.

“So girl what should I do? My best friend said, tapping the table with her nails,” What should I do?”

“I gotta go,” I said, suddenly standing up from the table,” Can we talk later? I’m sorry girl. I really gotta get home.”

I grabbed my purse and made a break for the exit, moving so fast the bottom of my tiger orange dress almost got caught in the coffee shop door.

Deep breath.

Luckily, home is just a few blocks away. I take off walking . The wind sweeps my curly hair back, revealing a softly made up face that compliments my red undertones. The summer air is warm and flowing.

Deep breath. Deep breath.

The city is bustling. After navigating through a crowd of people and activity, I find myself just two blocks from my studio apartment.

Another day in the life.

I stop at the crosswalk and can’t help but notice a hummingbird fluttering up above a nearby stop light.

Tik. Tik. Tik.

I didn’t know there were hummingbirds he-

“Thailand,” said a voice, his voice.

“Where are you heading?” He asked slowly releasing my wrist from his hand.

He found me again.

“With you,” I responded looking directly into his eyes now.

In seconds, I am lost in this moment, lost in him. This is real.