Tapping Into Your Zodiac Super Power

Ever tried to play a Capricorn then have something completely horrible happen to you moments after? It’s called Capricorn Karma and it. is. real.

As a Capricorn, I’ve watched it play out far too many times. I’ll never forget the Mercury Retrograde of December 2016. Out of all of the time I spent in North Carolina, I had never experienced snow in that area like I did during this retrograde. Long story short, I needed to find a ride back to school in Huntington, WV.

I go out of my way to look out for a lot of people and *Thomas was someone that I went out of my way to help fairly often. There was always something “off” about Thomas but we kept him in our friend group for whatever-sake. Moral of the story is, I felt like it would be nothing for me to hitch a ride back to school with him.

I was wrong. So so wrong. He basically told me I couldn’t ride back with him because the girl he liked planned to bring back too many of her things. Devastated yet not shocked at all, I thanked him anyways and continued my search for transportation.

Thomas totaled his car the next day.

This is Capricorn Karma. It’s not that I wished bad upon my former friend. It’s just that Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the Lord of karma. Any restrictions created around a Capricorn that are incorrect or malicious create a karmic debt that must be paid. Therefore any wrongdoing against a Capricorn who has positive intentions will come back to bite you. HARD. So don’t play with me or any other Capricorn for that matter. 

All 12 zodiac signs posses their own super power. By tapping into these powers, as well as the general traits that make up our sign, we take back our power.


Souls born under this sign aren’t going down without a fight! Aries exert super strength and become covered with a unbreakable shield when being attacked both physically and spiritually. Deeply consider the outcome when it comes to confrontations with this sign.


The Leo Lion has a keen sense of danger and can also alter the outcomes of situations in their lives that typically require luck. Leos always end up on top!


Sagittarius’ charm doesn’t just come from them being understanding to the diverse experiences of others. Chances are, they’re living the experiences of others. People born under this sign have the ability to travel through different dimensions through dreams or even just subconscious thoughts. This is why they’re so hard to wake up! Next time your Sagittarius friend goes MIA out of nowhere, you might want to inquire about where they’ve been…


Libras aren’t just chill. These energies posses an extreme adaptability to any location or group of people through physical touch. Maybe that’s why they always seem to be the life of every party!


Ever been deceived by a Gemini and had no idea how it happened? Yep. That’s because Geminis have the ability to avoid having their intentions perceived by others’ senses. These energies can also make items disappear into thin air then absorb there energy. Great. As if we didn’t have enough to worry about coming from this sign!


Have you ever tried to reminisce on an experience you had with an Aquarius only to have them tell you they don’t remember the experience then suddenly you don’t remember the experience? That’s because this sign is capable of creating gaps in time and space. You’re not slick, Aquarius!


All Pisces are escapist. They always find a way to shrug something off like it never happened. That’s because this sign has the ability to literally alter reality and the way we see their circumstances. With this also comes their ability to make any wish they have eventually come true, no matter how long it takes.


The sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon. What’s cool is that people born under this sign can become stronger, faster, and more durable when coming in contact with the Moon. Hanging out under the moonlight can even prevent Cancers from aging. These energies are also EXTREMELY clairvoyant and sense things that are completely out of view.


Ever had a Scorpio friend that constantly seemed to just read your mind? That’s because nine times out of ten, they probably were. Like Cancer, this sign is supremely clairvoyant. If your thoughts or intentions aren’t good, you might want to guard your thinking around this sign.


Aside from Capricorn Karma, Capricorn also have the ability to heal, persuade, and wound others by touch. These energies can also lower the temperature of an environment.


Don’t make a Taurus mad unless you’re cool with a drastic change in the weather! Taurus energy is capable of creating storms and even earthquakes!


When a Virgo wants rid of you, YOU’RE GONE. People born under this sign have a strong ability to banish energies and keep them away. If you “get into it” with a Virgo then suddenly find yourself physically moving to another area for a sudden reason, you now know why.