THE REEL KHALIL: Being The Star That You Are


“Some people are here to fill the gaps and others were put here to influence and change minds,” Model Khalil Anderson said, “Everybody has a different meaning of success and happiness. You should go for what you want, even if you stand out.”

Anderson, a Beckley, West Virginia native, said he’s dedicated to growing beyond the limits of his small, mountain town. His hard work finally paid off after signing with The Heights Agency in July 2021. Soon after, Anderson found himself traveling to New York City, where his agent challenged him and his colleagues to “make it happen” and create opportunity for themselves in the city where dreams come true.

“I had to pinch myself,” Anderson said, “I was living in a dream. Modeling had been something I had talked about for two years then there I was in the heart of Time Square. I came back feeling like a fucking boss. It felt natural, like this is the life I’m supposed to be living right now.”

Little did he know, this was just the beginning. Two months later, Anderson would find himself traveling to the UK to model for Box Menswear, which is a high quality British Mens’ underwear line.

“Over there is so much more laid back,” Anderson explained, “Everything out there is so care free and chill. Very humorous. America is so uptight and judgmental.”

Anderson feels that doing his own thing is a key part of his purpose and he hopes to inspire change while breaking the mold of who he’s supposed to be.

“Living in your truth is so hard nowadays,” Anderson said, “Some people aren’t able to do that. At the end of the day, it’s inspiring to those who want to and you can’t really hate on it.”

Despite his easy-going nature, Anderson describes himself as a “highly intuitive go-getter” and a “fly on the wall”.

“The fly will always be relevant no matter how discreet it is,” he explained.

Although Anderson is motivated by the progress he’s made in terms of his physical fitness and confidence, he shared that he is also fueled by his fear of failure.

” I had to maintain an inspired mindset, despite people mocking me when I first started modeling”, Anderson explained,” I always got a back-up plan, even if it only lasts me for a couple of hours, just know I got a whole ‘nother back-up plan behind that one.”

Moving into 2022, Anderson wants to keep himself as the focus. He plans to continue growing his newly founded OnlyFans account while pursuing other avenues, such as acting.

“Who knows,” Anderson said, “I’m just working to get my name out there and see what happens.”


“This pic means so much to me,” Anderson explained, “This shows that I really made it on an International level and can say that I made it. Through it all, I made it.”


Anderson and the other Box models had just completed a runway show in the back of the castle they were housed in during their stay in Wales. He was the last model to shoot and this was the final shoot of the week.

“I felt really motivated and in my element wearing that color,” Anderson said.

During photo shoots, Anderson said he likes to get in the zone by playing upbeat music.

“Michael Jackson, Earth, Wind, and Fire, something funky,” Anderson explained.

Anderson compares the physical movement in modeling to the choreography of a dancer. He said the similarity between modeling and dancing is the “the emotion behind it”.

“You can feel the heat,” Anderson said, “You can feel the energy behind the picture. You have to be fluid or you ain’t gonna feel it.”


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