How To Read Auras: What Vibe Are You Giving Off?

Your aura exudes energy about three feet away from your body. Although all living things have an aura, we typically associate them with people. You may have come across someone who you thought had a “glow” about them or even some people who gave you an off-setting feeling. This is their aura. One’s personality and even their future can be determined by their aura color.



People with red auras are adventurous when it comes to everything including food, travel and romantic partners. Although they can be quick to anger, they are also generous with their time and energy. Red aura people are strong mentally and physically which allows them to do well in sports or anything physical. These people do well in any occupation but would prefer to be in charge. Red aura people find success in anything they put their mind to.


Yellow aura people are extremely intelligent. They excel in careers pertaining to teaching and/or studying. Their tendency to focus too much on work can get in the way of their personal relationships. They are phenomenal communicators who love displaying their skills as a means to inspire others.


People with pink auras are all about nature and giving. They simply love to be loved and enjoy time with friends and family. They are natural healers and take time to tend to the emotions of others. Their creativity makes them great writers and musicians.


Green aura people are highly creative and hard-working. Although they are perfectionists, they are very down to earth. They love being outside and make very good gardeners and cooks. They also enjoy home decor and make very good business people. These people rarely make mistakes and are well-respected.


People with orange auras are social butterflies! They genuinely love being around others and are very thoughtful. These people are irresistibly charming. They are quick to forgive and don’t hold grudges. Orange aura people tend to live happy and successful lives.


Purple aura people are very psychic and in tune with emotions. To most people, they come off as mysterious or secretive. They love exploring and learning as much as they can, which ultimately makes them knowledgeable in many areas.


People with blue auras have no problem communicating. They love expressing their thoughts and ideas to others and they do so with ease. These people are intelligent and intuitive. Blue aura people love to use their head and heart balance to motivate and inspire others, and even play peacemaker. These people work well as writers, poets, and politicians.


These people love beauty. They live to decorate their homes and themselves in anything that they consider beautiful.They find a way to bring an artistic flair to anything relating to them. They love attention and get loads of it from their huge circle of friends.


White aura people are gifted with intuitiveness and psychic ability. They often utilize their gifts by taking up professions in mentoring, counseling, and teaching. They attract many admirers but are very choosy in their choice of lovers and friends. These people manage to get the most out of every aspect of life.


People with light brown auras are usually experiencing some form of confusion or discouragement, They may even lack confidence. People with dark brown auras may suffer from selfishness and/or have deceptive tendencies.


Coming across someone with a black aura is never good. Hatred, negativity, illness, depression are all signs of someone giving off this color.