Mostly Sunny

Love when the sun is the first to greet me. Love waking up on my own. The dreams are vivid. Now I see. Love dreaming. Love losing myself. Love coming back. Love putting it all together. Now I see.

Said no, I had to do what was best for me

Love separating the petals. Love feeling the texture. Love the colors. Love the red roses. Love the pink. Sometimes yellow. Love the pink tint of the water. Love the lemon scent of the oil. Love feeling content. Love feeling beautiful.

God again, showed his favor

Love thinking of her. Love her voice. Love her adventures. Love her love. Love my mom.

Love when we laugh. Love us. Love wondering how I found love. Love being in love. Love to be free.

That made me happy and I felt special

Love feeling alive. Love the lights. Love the energy. Love the movement. Everything has a meaning. Love going and coming. Love getting lost. Love finding my way. Everyone has a purpose. Love changing my life. Love taking a risk.

I pray for peace, love, and understanding

The sun heals everything.

A day in the sun can make a world’s difference. When my heart feels warm, anything is possible. I love life, the experience.