11 Benefits of Connecting With Your Higher Self

It is important that each and every one of us connect with our higher selves. Your higher self wants nothing more than to communicate with you and guide you to be the best, or highest version of you. By tapping into this internal guidance, we place ourselves on a path of pure ascension that not only benefits us, but anyone who crosses our paths.


1. Higher Sense Of Intuition

You become more conscious of your own clairvoyance and other psychic abilities. You start to “just know” how things are going to play out and have no problem picking up on people’s’ real intentions.

No more feeling lost and confused as to where your life is heading. A crystal vision of your life path and all that you are meant to achieve is laid out right before you.

3. Answers

Messages and answers to your burning life questions easily find you through books, nature and even in day-to-day conversation.

4. You’re In Control Of Your Own Happiness

You choose to be happy every day and refuse to let trivial things get to you.

5. Healing Powers

You are able to remove energetic blockages by directing your intent and energy towards any type of healing. Making this your main priority, allows abundance to flow directly to you.

6. Unconditional Love For Yourself

You no longer look for love from people or other sources. You realize that love an infinite source of love comes from within.

7. Negative Energy

Negativity no longer finds its way into your life. You’ll notice how rare it is that you have encounters with negative people, places and circumstances.

8. Honesty With Yourself And Others

You’re no longer afraid of saying ‘no’ to going somewhere or doing something despite how others may tug on you. You’re in tune with your higher self and have no problem staying true to yourself and your personal preferences.

9. Inner and Outer Abundance

You are able to create a harmonious environment for not only yourself but others as well. Like the sun, people can feel your warmth from miles away.

10. Unplugged From The World

You’re no longer concerned with those who wish to have power in media or the government. You understand that there are often hidden agendas and accept that there is so much more to life.

11. Gratitude

You suddenly become thankful for everything in life, even the setbacks. You find peace in the understanding that everything that happens is part of a system ultimately working in your favor.