Seylah Love


Hello Everyone! My name is Seylah Love (she/they) and it is such an honor to be able to hold and share space and love with you all here on Leuphorique!

I am a sacred activist, divine physician, universal sage and full time lover, fighter and dreamer. I love to express myself and the universe within me through many creative mediums, but writing creatively and academically has always held a very special place in my heart. There have been many times where all I had was my words. They were my life raft, oxygen, medicine and therapist. They held me up when everything was pulling me down and acted as a lighthouse for me when I was lost and could not seem to find my way. It was through writing that the Divine, my ancestors and spiritual supports would commune with me to help me find my way back home and into their arms. I grew up in a small duck off town called Shrewsbury, which is about 8 minutes outside of New Orleans. I grew up on bounce music, seafood and some of the finest Cajun cuisine made with the deepest of love by my grandfather James C. Logwood. I always thank god for allowing me to exist and live at the same time as he did because I do not know where or who I would be if I did not have his love and influence in my life. To be honest I don’t think I would have ever made it this far at all. He is my biggest inspiration, motivator and cheerleader, even still as the blessed ancestor that he is now. He is the reason I write, fight, and will always advocate for love no matter what happens inside and outside of my life. I grew up watching him be such a powerful force of nature not just within his immediate family but within the community that he served and and was committed to up until his last breathe. He was a father, a counselor, a safe haven and protector to many and it was such an honor and a privilege to watch God work through him so purely, as he dedicated everyday to uplifting and nourishing the community through food, searing presence and sacred hospitality. Everything I do is in honor of him and I strive with every breathe to continue that legacy of love and tenderness. 

    I feel I was fortunate to grow up in New Orleans because it allowed me to constantly be immersed in such a rich and unique culture that gives and gives and gives. The beauty, music, glory and history never stops or ceases to amaze and inspire and you can find it on every corner and in every crevice of Nola’s landscape. Her strength, resilience and determination run through me and has helped me to overcome some of the most challenging times of my life. It was her trees and riverbanks I would sit at to cry, write, and rage. It was her arms I ran into to find solace and comfort in the times it felt like the world was constantly breaking and caving in under my feet. It was the whispers of my ancestors through the trees and their blood deep in the roots that helped me find my way back home to the Divine and myself. The love, guidance and presence of my ancestors helped me discover and reconnect to the truth, light, beauty, love and power that lies within me. They cried with me, wailed with me and fought with me when no one else would and they continue to do so every step of the way. When I write they get a chance to tell their stories too. They get a chance to give their grievances, experiences and hearts an opportunity to be heard, witnessed and acknowledged not just under the eye of the almighty but under the eyes of those looking for powerful words of testimony and resolve. I don’t write just for my healing but for theirs and for the collective healing of our lineage and the generations to come. This is for the liberation of our unified soul and blood and for all of the voices that were forcibly silenced and/or forgotten. Every time I write a chain is broken. An ancestor is engulfed in light and a wound is healed by the balm that is truth and righteousness. So yes I am a full time fighter because I will never stop using my words and my voice to fight for the healing, empowerment and liberation of my blood, but also for the healing, empowerment and liberation of all those oppressed, chained, and suffering at the hands of wickedness no matter the shape, form or context. I will continue to write to inform and bring awareness to the overlooked, silenced and neglected because every heartbeat matters and has the right to be honored and treated with dignity, respect and deep care. Every heartbeat has the right to true freedom, full life and unconditional love. 

I will keep fighting but I will also keep loving. Loving and caring as deeply and unconditionally as I possibly can. To me, being a sacred activist means being an unwavering advocate for love, truth and justice. Not just speaking about it but BEING a pure vessel for unconditional love, grace and truth to work through as you protect and honor the wonder, beauty, divinity and innocence in all living things. It means holding sacred space for them to be heard, loved and nourished and to advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves. As a divine physician and universal sage I utilize the higher knowledge and wisdom I have obtained through my personal experiences and academic studies to help guide, teach and support others as they traverse along their own unique and sacred paths of spiritual and personal growth, healing, development and expansion. When I began my spiritual journey and even as I was just simply journeying through life, I did not have the proper support or guidance I needed to be able to travel or learn as safely as I could have. In turn, I found myself in a lot of harmful, traumatic and sometimes dangerous situations and experiences that I could have avoided had I had the proper direction and support and so a huge part of my mission is to provide that support to others. To help them learn through sharing my missteps and mishaps while providing wisdom and other mental, spiritual and emotional tools, guidance and support that they can use to help them grow, heal and navigate through the world. I want to help others become the highest, most embodied versions of themselves so that they can tap into their fullest potential and embrace and live in their purpose as powerfully and potently as they can. I wish to do this with my writings, through vocal story telling and healthy hands on community building and development and I’m very grateful and excited to be able to share more of myself, love and energy here with you all at Leuphorique.

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