Doja Cat’s Natal Chart



Amataratha “Doja Cat” Dlamini was born Oct. 21, 1995 in Los Angeles, California.

Libra Sun

From her vocals to her overall aesthetic, Doja has undeniable magnetism and charm. Her venusian influence adds beauty to anything she presents to us…. no matter how odd.

Virgo Moon

A Virgo Moon depicts someone who pays close attention to detail. She may also be very adamant about perfecting her projects, spending as much time as necessary on each step of the process until things are “just right”.

This placement can also bring over-analyzation, especially when it comes to emotions. Doja may spend a lot of time in her head without really speaking on how things effect her. Virgo moons may also use writing as method for healing, expression and organizing their thoughts.

Mercury in Libra

Mercury rules words and communication. Libra here gifts the native with a beautiful and soothing voice. The words Doja speaks may also bring peace and pleasure to those on the receiving end. 

Venus in Scorpio

We can all admit that Doja is sexy as hell. Venus in Scorpio brings undeniable sex appeal, even when the native isn’t trying to be sexy. Venus here also pulls people into Doja in a hypnotic, seductive and enticing way.

When it comes to love, Doja is extremely devoted and down to ride until the wheels fall off. However, IF the love affair ends, there’s nothing worse than a scorned Scorpio and the revenge that follows.

Mars in Sagittarius

Doja showcases her aggression and sexuality in a very blunt and dynamic way. There really is no holding back when it comes to her lyrics, visuals and live performances. Her expression is 100 percent rooted in her free-spiritedness.



Jupiter in Sagittarius

Doja attracts luck and abundance when she expresses herself in a carefree and courageous way. She also attracts good favor through being generous to others without expecting anything in return. This is an outrageously auspicious placement, often putting natives at the right place at the right time, blessing them with lucky breaks and also gifting them with resources seemingly out of nowhere. 


Saturn in Pisces

Saturn in Pisces may face restrictions when it comes to finding their creative direction and getting their ideas sorted enough to initiate something tangible. Flashes of insight may come to her out of nowhere but she may not always know what to do with this inspiration right away. 

Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn

Doja is open to any challenge. It is likely she dreamt of ways to attain wealth and power long before fame and even now. The rapper is both intellectual and ambitious. This placements depicts on who constantly strives for independence and security.




Pluto in Scorpio Generation  

*Pluto’s natural placement

*Content with death and rapid change

*Loves to reinvent herself and evolve with time and experience.

Lilith in Cancer

Doja may take insult from comments or actions that were not meant to intentionally hurt her. At her worst, she could overreact and try to overpower others.

North Node in Libra

Our North Nodes reveal what we came here to achieve during this lifetime. Libra here is strongly indicative of beauty, harmony, influence and artistic expression. By mastering her crafts and sharing them with the world at-large, Doja is well on her way to fullfilling her soul mission.


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