Hibiscus is an exotic, trumpet-shaped flower that comes in a variety of colors such as pink, orange, yellow, peach, white and red. Also known as “The Chinese Rose” or “The Flower of Passion”, thrives in full sun and partial shade environments with moist, well-drained soil. Hibiscus typically blooms in the summer and fall but this beauty can be spotted year-round in tropical climates, a plant guide from The Spruce explains.

According to Singapore Infopedia, while the exact origin of hibiscus is unknown, the plant has been cultivated in China, Japan and Pacific Islands such as Hawaii for quite some time.



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-Personal Power



Aside from being a vibrant addition to any space, Hibiscus also has an abundance of health benefits. The plant leaves can be used for herbal tea and when ground into powder form, the plant can be mixed into face and hair masks.

Hibiscus promotes healthy hair growth and glowing skin. The plant also helps with blood pressure, heart, kidney and liver function, cholesterol maintenance, and circulation. Hibiscus assists with maintaining a healthy weight and removing excess heat from the body, as well. Banyan Botanicals offers more information on the healing qualities of Hibiscus as well as tea recipes you can create from the plant’s powder.


Hibiscus can help ease menstrual cramps, regulate monthly cycles and act as a natural contraceptive. For this reason, those that are pregnant or looking to become pregnant should exercise caution when consuming the plant. Hibiscus may also soothe menopausal symptoms, which are brought on by low estrogen levels. Drink Filtered provides more insight on reproductive benefits the plant’s estrogenic effects.


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