SOULJAZ REVENGE: Just The Beginning

Imagine yourself walking down a bustling city street when suddenly the sun starts shining brighter than ever before. Your scene becomes totally cartoon-animated (I’m talking dancing sun and all) as the reality of how infinite you truly are settles in. You continue your trek enlightened, with a smile on your face. This is what listening to Soulja Quentin’s ‘Souljaz Revenge tape vol 1’ feels like.

Safe to say that after listening to ‘Souljaz Revenge tape vol 1’, it’s going to be hard for me to smoke and vibe out to anything else. This is sunny music in dark times, which is what we all need right now.

Who Is Soulja Quentin?

Soulja Quentin is an artist from Berryville, Virginia, which he describes as “a small town in the sticks”. He says his family is the only reason he remains and despite his hometown being only 60 miles North of Washington, D.C., it gave him a grander appreciation for nature.

Although Soulja started writing music at age 9, he just started making music last year. He credits the human experience as his greatest inspiration.

“I always wanted to make music. It’s just 2019 was the year I stopped making excuses,” Soulja said, “I feel like music is what’s going to make me live forever. I have learned so much about myself through it. I see beauty in the multiple dimensions that encompass my being.”

Also inspired by Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu and Sam Cooke, Soulja tells me that ultimately his goal is to uplift.

“Soulja is a mentality representing that nothing on earth can destroy my spirit, that we can harness the strength to pursue a better life. I want to represent for people who don’t have a voice.”

It’s no surprise that Soulja is bringing us heightened awareness, as he is a Taurus born on the 9th day of May. The number 9 symbolizes endings and the conciseness needed to grasp what exactly needs to end for better to step into its place. 9 also symbolizes completion and universal love.

The Sounds

“Cocoa Butta Errythang”

This is an ode to sistas and sistas only that I LOVE. The vocals are out of this world and I couldn’t think of a better way to start this tape. Soulja tells me this song is inspired by Black Women like his mother, grandmother, sister, niece and even myself (SO SWEET).

“I’ve had very positive experiences with black women in my life so when I see our women get disrespected, I feel an inherit need to hold it down and speak up for them in life and consequently music,” Soulja said.

“Turn Up B4 We Burn Up”

First of all, the day-dreamy, melodic hook is almost hypnotic. If the song feels deeply contemplative to you, it’s because it is.

“My drive for success stems from the chip I have on my shoulder,” Soulja said, “The belief I possess is that nobody believes I have a chance of making my dreams a reality outside of myself. So that’s the revenge. Like I showed y’all motherfuckers. Ya’ll can deny it but I got some shit right here. You know what I’m saying?”

Oh, and lines like four years later got a little degree but none of that bullshit benefitted me hit a little too close to home LOL. Soulja’s solution to combatting the creative restriction felt by many is a better atmosphere for learning.

“A more focused, yet cozy environment that gives children more freedom to express their natural interests,” Soulja explained.

“Pray On It”

Supplying jazzy, hopeful sounds and absolutely captivating vocals, this track is sure to put you at ease. This is that 90’s Hip-Hop sound that me and so many others are always nostalgic for.

“Claim It One Time”

Now this is my new manifestation song right here. Lines like just keep working, God has you covered are sure to inspire you to keep going when all hope is lost.

The vibes are high all throughout this tape. This is music that heals and motivates, music that pushes you to take it one day at a time and never give up.

Creative Decisions

Ahmaud Arbery is an unarmed Black man who was fatally shot by white supremacists while jogging in Glynn County Georgia on February 23 of 2020. Soulja tells me about his decision to feature Mr. Aubery on the cover of ‘Souljaz Revenge tape vol 1’.

“The murder of Ahmaud Arbery was just another example of a brother who was just a year or so older than myself at a time, being taken out of the game too soon,” Soulja said, ” I wanted to channel his humanity. The humanity that was denied to him and use my existence as a reflection of his own.”

Listen to Souljaz Revenge tape vol 1: