Lil Nas X’s Natal Chart

Montero “Lil Nas X” Hill was born April 9, 1999 in Lithia Springs, Georgia.

Aries Sun

Our sun sign depicts our self-expression and the qualities we hope to embody more of. The sun also speaks to what motivates us. As an Aries sun, Lil Nas can be direct and aggressive in his expression, especially regarding sex. In fact, expressing his sexual nature can actually be healing for him. Lil Nas is constantly pushing the envelope, which is no surprise as Aries energy is also associated with courage and bravery.

Capricorn Moon

As a Capricorn Moon, Lil Nas can be somewhat cold and distant when it comes to emotional matters. This placement also brings a serious nature. While Lil Nas is all fun and games most of the time, this could be due to the disciplined approach these natives take in both processing and showcasing emotion. People with moon in Capricorn are also very cautious with who they truly open up to.

Mercury in Pisces

Mercury rules our thought process and the way we communicate. Having Pisces here makes Lil Nas extremely imaginative and fantasy-based. It is likely that he does quite a bit of daydreaming. Escapism is also a big theme here. However, Pisces energy is often misunderstood as it can be so illusive. This also makes way for the things the native thinks and communicates to be perceived as scandalous.

Venus in Taurus

Venus rules love and Venus LOVES being in its home sign of Taurus. This placement brings true pleasure, romance and magnetism to the native. A good bit of this magnetism comes when Lil Nas is feminine and soft in his approach. It is likely that dating and/or being partnered excites all of Lil Nas senses, as this is a very sensual placement. Physical touch goes a long way.

Mars in Scorpio ( Retrograde)

Mars energy speaks to how we directly present ourselves and go after what we want. Scorpio energy is very centered around transformation and metamorphosis. It is likely that Lil Nas will continue to reinvent himself, time and time again, which is what keeps most artists in the game. These natives also know how to use sex to pull people in and later exert power over them. With Lil Nas having this placement in retrograde, this explains why he might have been slow to release his sexual energy.

Jupiter in Aries

Lil Nas attracts luck, opportunity and abundance when he is bold and puts himself out there in an aggressive, upfront and dynamic way. Jupiter also rules over teaching and sharing our knowledge. It’s no secret that he’s paving the way for countless others to create their blessings this way, as well.

Saturn in Taurus

Saturn in Taurus brings restrictions and limitations to living comfortably, both in a tangible way and in terms of identity. Taurus is already a slow moving energy, but slow and steady always wins the race, as Saturn rewards diligence. It may have taken Lil Nas a minute to unlock a life of contentment and self-acceptance but he’s here to stay. That is, as long as he’s willing to continue putting in the work…

Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius

The reason we even know who Lil Nas X is today is because his tech savvy mind and internet prowess. He literally trolled his way to the top LOL. You can’t know him, though, as most people born under Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius naturally know how to utilize the internet to their upmost benefit. It is not uncommon for these natives to build strong audiences and create financial opportunity online.

Pluto in Sagittarius Generation  

*Constantly seeking freedom from power structures

*Reinvents themselves based upon the knowledge they obtain

*Drawn to long-distance travel and other cultures

*Rebellious Sagittarius energy fuels Plutos desire for great change and freedom

*Deeply passionate about honesty from others

*Believes in truth, exploration and freedom of thought

Lilith in Scorpio

Lil Nas is definitely viewed as rebellious when he acts in a seductive and overtly sexual way. This is typically what we see him catch the most flack for.

North Node in Leo

Our North Nodes reveal what we came here to achieve during this lifetime. Leo here is strongly indicative of fame and living and loving boldly. Lil Nas is already on the path to fulfilling his North Node mission. Those with this placement are destined to be a star.

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