“Forgetful Me”

This morning I was reminded of

a song I love a lot

You’re my golden girl

The sun’s been kind to you

I felt sixteen again

You’re 24K

but the sky’s never gray

Warm thoughts, dreaming without consequence

I’m there again

Silent moments, meditative poses

You break my focus, you make me laugh

I didn’t know yet, I know now

I’m my best on this island

I’m a mess in America

My flight left last night but I know I’m not going back home

I lived in paradise all along

“Aren’t you supposed to be leaving tomorrow?” She asked, almost jokingly.

The ocean breeze and crashing of the waves saved us from sad silence.

“That’s right, gorgeous,” I said, “Back to the states tomorrow.”

Her slight smile remained.

“Hmmm..” She responded, looking out into the distance, “At least we still have tonight together.”

I smiled, taking in the same beachy view.

“At least we still have tonight,” I responded.

She stood up in her electric blue bikini and started walking towards the water, the sun beaming on her deep brown skin. Her wild, curly hair blowing in the warm, inviting wind. She was like no woman I had ever seen before. Her curvacious frame alone was enough to drive a man crazy but paired with her beautiful bare face, it was enough to make him never want to be sane again.

“Are you coming?” She said smirking.

I laughed and lifted myself up from my sandy spot I was planted in.

“Ofcourse,” I said,” I will go anywhere with you.”

The last night with her was something special. We danced together until the sun set then had a few drinks to wind down. The past two weeks were so magical that ,ofcourse, she didn’t want me to leave. I could tell by the way she leaned into me so deeply. We made love that night. Right there on the beach.

The morning came too soon and I didn’t want to leave her. She kissed my back softly as I packed my things and prepared to leave my resort.

I dropped her off and tried to remain cool, calm and collected. Something about her eyes, her voice, her essence made this almost impossible.

“I have something for you,” She said, stepping out of my rented SUV.

She reached into her colorful purse and handed me a post card, featuring a magnificent Jamaican landscape.

On the back of the card was a sweet handwritten message with all of her contact information at the bottom.

“Promise, you will call soon?” She asked, her accent even more pleasing to me than ever before.

“I promise,” I said.

Four hours later and I was back in New York. Lovesick and exhausted, but happy to be back.

Two steps into the airport and there she was. My girlfriend, Jasmine. She squeezed me so tight I almost dropped my carry on. I did miss her.

“I’m so happy you’re back, babe!!” She said, “No more business trips, okay?”

I laughed and said, “Okay, babe. I’ll see what I can do.”

She squeezed me even tighter, crinkling a piece of paper in my hoodie pocket. I reached inside and grabbed the paper, not realizing it was the postcard from my distant lover.

I crumbled the card up, distracting Jasmine with a passionate kiss as I did so.