Living Euphoricc

Euphoria is a state of intense happiness, self-confidence and well-being. Euphoria is real and euphoria is available to everyone. Anyone willing to fall in love with every aspect of themselves can live in a state of euphoria. But how do we find out what aspects there are to love? Study your zodiac sign.

Capricorns are intellectual and ambitious. Sagittarius are fiery and passionate. Everyone can identify with at least several of the traits that make up their sign. The “good” aspects of your sign should be embraced and allowed to radiate through every inch of your being. The “bad” aspects of your sign should be molded, but also embraced.

Geminis may be described as mischievous, manipulating and, by some, the root of all evil. That’s not true. Countless Geminis are eloquent and can flawlessly communicate any message to anyone. The Geminis that are effectively socializing their way through life live in a state of euphoria. The Geminis clinging to the idea that they were simply born to be trouble-makers are not.

Aries are feisty and passionate. They fight for what they love and no one ever fought for me like my Aries mother.

In October of 2015, she confronted her hardest battle: breast cancer.

I saw visions of us on the beach after receiving the news. I realized that my Aries mother had always been courageous, not impulsive. Her elation after any long wait proved that she was enthusiastic and not impatient. She embraced being an Aries for as long as I can remember. She fought cancer as a proud Aries and never let anyone forget it. She never lost herself and cancer never took anything from us.

I watched my mom grow to epitomize love and resilience. She entered euphoria at the age of 41. I quickly learned that there is an art to her. There is an art to all of us.

Taurus are bold and protective. They make things happen. Cancers are intense and provide nurturing like no other.

Leos are domineering, yet we can’t resist them. Are Virgos too skeptical or are they super observant? Libras tend to flee from confrontation, but maybe they’re just peaceful people.

A detached, yet dynamic Scorpio changed my life forever. She came to me when I was 20 years old in pursuit of a genuine friendship with me.

I called upon God and he answered a multitude of my prayers through her. She introduced me to love and its many forms. I’m not sure what the odds are that she would return to Marshall during my junior year or that she “just so happened” to live in the part of Maryland that I visited during every break, but I am thankful. She exposed me to euphoria before I could even grasp it.

I couldn’t grasp how a rebellious Aquarius friend of mine could throw his life away and still remain so clever and witty. Even in hot water, he maintained some sense of euphoria.

An imaginative Pisces may be accused of being an escapist, but they are also familiar with euphoria. To be contented and fascinated by your own thoughts and company is not only euphoria, it is peace.

Going inward and working on ourselves teaches us that external peace can only be achieved internally. When your thoughts are positive and you constantly highlight positive aspects of yourself, magic happens.

What does life mean to you? What do you do well? What makes you smile? What is it about you that makes others smile? What can you do for others?

We enter a state of euphoria when the answers to these questions become clear and gratifying.