‘Finding Freedom’ Excerpts

“Already Broken”

His voice is soft but

Sometimes your heart is already broken.

Sometimes silence stings and words go unspoken.


I still believe in love,

Even in the silence.

Sometimes wanna turn cold,

Erupt in violence.


So cold that I never want

to feel warmth again.

Want to open my heart

But don’t know where to begin.


Imagine being lost

and finding your way again

Only to cry out,

Wanting it all to end.


June 29, 2019

All too often do we ignore our ability to transcend… well…anything. Despite the fact that we’ve already defeated great adversity in our pasts, we sometimes forget that we are capable of overcoming even the fiercest of obstacles. I decided that I don’t want to overlook my true power anymore.

I went to my little spot, smoked and got some sun today. Laying on my back and inhaling the herbs while the sun warmed my body was beyond transcendent.

I also stopped to see my great grandmother while I was in Harper Heights. She always boosts my spirits and provides me with the wisdom I need to get through.

Today we talked about how “sin” (negative intentions) has no foundation, meaning it will always crumble. This also pertains to falsehoods/lies. They will always come to the light/be exposed.


Two Little Birds

She strays but only so far

He only lets her stray so far

out of love and concern.

She’s still free.

So is he.


Love is their compass.

He goes where she goes,

she knows what he knows.


There every step of the way,

He is there every step of the way.


He doesn’t have to lead to feel assured.

Her nature alone frees him.


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