Kibria’s Secrets To Intuitive Tarot

Tarot Reader Kibria still remembers the first time she received a reading from her friend (@Bluezdreams on Twitter) in their college dorm.

“That’s my love forever,” Kibria said, “I had no background on tarot whatsoever but there was this familiarity and sense of comfort during the reading. I’ve always been overly comfortable, compared to most people, when it comes to esoterics and just occult tools in general. They just feel natural to me. So during that time I was chasing answers. I think I was just reflecting on that moment and trying to get back to that sense of familiarity. So it was a really important moment for me, to reference that. And it seemed so small then.”

Even after this transformative experience, it would be some time before Kibria revisited tarot.

“I never thought about it again until something told me to then I was obsessed with finding some cards,” Kibria explained, “My mom bought me my first deck in 2018 or 2019 from this crystal shop and it just stuck.”

From there, Kibria subconsciously started hoarding tarot decks, which she would soon put to good use by reading for other people.

“I was never expecting any positive feedback or for it to even get this out of hand but I think God wanted to teach me a valuable lesson: The things that are for you could never miss you and to trust your gut even when you don’t really know what your gut is saying,” Kibria explained, ” I was hoarding the decks to heal and teach a year or so later.”

Kibria said she is very drawn to the imagery and colors that make up tarot cards and enjoys being able to channel energy through them.

“I think it’s interesting how much of a language it can be with barely any words,” Kibria said, ” I just think out of all the divination tools, tarot is actually very detailed and when people are looking for answers, they just prefer to have as much information as possible.”

Although her favorite tarot card switches based on her mood or what she feels is her overall theme at the time, Kibria said she is partial to The Star, as this card is currently teaching her more about alchemy in regards to her faith and self-worth.

“The Star is probably my most favorite because it represents hopes, dreams, faith, wishes, healing and angelic intervention,” Kibria said, “I’m learning that you can manifest and manifest things but if you don’t believe you deserve them or believe that you can have them, it distorts everything. In the times I truly do believe it, they always happen.”

The Star card depicts an individual standing near a water source with one foot in the water and one foot on the earth, symbolizing one’s connection to both spiritual and material matters. The individual carries two containers of water below a night sky made up of eight stars, one burning bigger and brighter than the rest. Connected to the sign of Aquarius, The Star can predict the fulfillment of our wildest dreams.

“That card represents, to me, the level of faith that is life-changing,” Kibria said, “I’m trying to get to a place where that exists indefinitely for me.”

Thankfully for those interested in learning more about power of tarot, Kibria will be teaching a virtual class titled ‘The Secrets To Intuitive Tarot’ on Sunday, Jan. 30, 2022 at 7:00 P.M. Her intention is to create a space that is “conversation-oriented”.

“Tarot is so real time,” Kibria explained, “It’s about what you’re thinking, how you’re feeling and what kind of questions you’re asking. I want people to see and participate in that.”

She said she hopes attendees leave the session feeling like “Damn, I should have paid a million dollars for that class.”

“I’m big on information so I want people to leave the class the same way they leave a reading: like whatever it is that they heard, learned or resonated with was priceless,” Kibria said, “Google is just not giving real-life reading, in my opinion.”

The concept of an online tarot class and the fact that many now look to the internet for spiritual resources speaks volumes on how divination continues to adapt to the digital age. Kibria shared some of her own observations on progression within the tarot and astrology community.

“I think people are attracted to the glamour that comes with the following or the glamour that comes with sounding well-versed but meanwhile, the new people who are attracted to them are looking for teachers, guides, mediums and healers because they th emselves are that already,” Kibria said, “They’re looking for teachers, not celebrities. “And to be friends not fans.”

Kibria said she does feel that members of the community are starting to better diffrentiate between who’s genuine and who’s not. Another observation Kibria recently made? The rise in phenomenal black light-workers emerging on Twitter. At the beginning of 2022, She took to her own account to show love to some of the energies she’s connected with on her journey (Including me…🥺 Yes, our names are oddly similar ANNDD we’re also both Leo Risings LOL)

“It really just hit me that day how MANY black spiritualists are really out here pushing out quality content on a daily basis,” Kibria said, “Content that is truly coming from a difference in experiences and a need to share our words and practices. Being black, I feel like to share anything is courageous, because people will purposely misunderstand us. So to be successful through that? That was just a necessary moment to be like, look at how many of us there are. I appreciate this. The spiritual community is already overpopulated by whiteness, which I don’t think is synonymous with watered-down information, as much as I think sometimes the majority overpowers unnecessarily. Truthfully, I was just being a Leo moon and having a dramatic moment per usual.”

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