Space Dreamin’ launches tonight at 8PM

“I feel like Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to launch,” Space Dreamin’ producer Kabrea James said, “I’m hoping the show will be rooted in the vibration of love and enlightenment. Sounds delightful to me.”

Airing tonight at 8PM, this electrifying online talk show is dedicated to seeing things from a higher perspective and provoking thought. Viewers can look forward to exploring topics such as time and space, technology, current events and spirituality.

James, who bounced from Radio/TV production to Broadcast before settling into Print Journalism, built the show around her favorite elements of each area of study.

“I really liked the show run of radio programming in addition to creating imagery for listeners through sound”, James explained, “It was always fascinating to me how the on-air talent could provide such an experience to others through their voice and personality alone. It’s similar to the process of creating imagery through writing, which will always be my first love.”

James said that TV broadcast is all about getting comfortable in front of the camera, a skill she always struggled with.

“You gotta maintain confidence in your credibility and the words you’re sharing”, James said, “I’m still working through my shyness but I’ll get there. Working on this project has helped a lot.”

Aside from inspiring thought, James simply wants viewers to enjoy themselves during the show and will feature music and other forms of artistry throughout the series.

“My fellow creatives are so talented”, James said, “I would be crazy not to showcase them. The goal is to exchange art and ideas in a fun and inquisitive way.”

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